Your Energy Security Matters.

Safeguard your home in 3 steps.

Generate. Store. Control.

Welcome to the new era of keeping your home's energy safe. Our advanced system does more than just supply power; it ensures a reliable and secure energy source to protect what matters most.
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Electricity generation within a home nanogrid solution is essential as it serves as the foundation for achieving energy independence and security. By generating electricity onsite with solar panels, you can directly meet your energy needs without relying solely on the external power grid. This not only reduces electricity bills but also ensures a continuous power supply even during outages or grid failures.But what do you do with the excess power, during an emergency, at night or during a cloudy day? Next slide...


Having your own battery storage means you'll always have electricity available, even when there's a blackout or when you can't produce power. This way, you can use your stored energy when you need it the most, helping you stay powered up and possibly saving on your energy bills.
That is all well and good but the battery storage is limited. How do we solve the problem of using only what we need when we need it and protect the entire system? Next slide...


System controls provide efficient and reliable operation of the energy system. They act as the brain of the nanogrid, intelligently managing the flow of electricity from various sources, like your solar panels, to the loads within the home, and your battery storage system. Controls optimize energy use, maximize generated power and monitor and distribute energy during peak demand times or when your solar energy system is not generating. Controls provide crucial protection, automatically managing surges, balancing loads, and preventing overloads, thereby maintaining the safety and longevity of the system. Are you ready to see how you can have effective energy security?